2005 Suzuki Ignis 1.3GS Non-sport 1.3


Reliable, practical and very cute :)


Nothing (yet *knock*knock*)!

Doors at first needed a good punch to close, but that is fine now ;)

General Comments:

Great driving experience.

Engine is powerful enough for "uphill climbing" or fast highways (94HP).

I'm suprised to see that car is very smooth over bumps, 17cm from ground make a great ride on snowy/wet surface.

Interior is suprisingly good for a Suzuki car. It's a great family car - very practical for everyday use.

1.3GS comes with: 4 airbags, A/C, CD player + 6 speakers, light alloys, ABS+EBD...

It uses around 7 litres/100km.

Tyres that come with a car (summer, continental) are (as usual) quite hard (bad), so I've installed GY Ultragrip 7 for the winter. In summer I'm putting on some bigger wheels, because 175/65/14 are just too small for this car.

We love our new car :)

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Review Date: 14th December, 2005

14th Dec 2005, 09:56

You obviously like your new car, but I have to say I've driven one of these and thought it was noisy, had a harsh ride and I don't know how 'fast' Slovenias highways are, but they only have a top speed of 103mph (164km/h) and that's for the 1.5!

23rd Dec 2005, 02:45

Well, I've pushed it one time now (over 600miles done) and it went 110mph (176km/h) - and I have 1.3..., so I wouldn't read factory "typos" :)

Straight terrain, no downhill racing...

16th Jun 2006, 01:04

Exactly, I hate when people rant about something they haven't tested. And btw about the highways in Slovenia - its 130km/h, but usually we go up to 170 where fines get very steep :)

I've drove around Austria, Germany and Netherlands few weeks ago and did 3000+ miles, top speed 190 - no downhill.

21st Jun 2006, 08:48

Well, I'm writing from Panama, my Ignis is 1.3, and I have use it above 170km/h (not sure how much is that in miles).

No problems at all with my car till now and is 2 years old.

7th Feb 2007, 00:47

I did 23,000km after 1 year and I had no problems whatsoever. Even lightbulbs are still working ;) great car!

26th Nov 2007, 05:12

Its me again, owner of this car. Its been two years now and I did 37000km so far. Roadtrips around Europe (mainly Netherlands) and so far not a single thing broke on this car. Even original lights are still working although I'm nervously waiting to replace them with Osram Nightbreaker ;) knock knock on the wood, great car!

25th Jul 2008, 08:45

July 2008... only problem so far are squeaky doors, all original parts still present, 2 regular services.. oh and I've had to replace front brakepads (Jashika?) due to dynamic driving... :)