1982 Volvo 240 GL 2.0


The real Volvo still intact


Clutch at 100K. Because off oil leak. Still intact.

Oil leak caused by stuffed filter.

Battery at 150.000 km.

Wiper motor at 230.000 km.

Warning lights relay at 190.000 km.

General Comments:

The car ain't that quick, but it is safe, very comfortable and has a lot of space.

Almost nothing went wrong since we bought it and that makes me breathe easily when driving on long distances.

Simply a true Swedish Volvo - not one of those 400's and other FWD.

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Review Date: 28th February, 2003

9th Mar 2003, 09:50

-Wow! I own a 1982 240 as well, and I also bought mine brand new. Simply nothing else compares, as my Volvo still looks and drives like it did the day a bought it. These cars last forever!