1993 Volvo 440 Turbo 1.7 turbo


Quick, little turbo brick!



General Comments:

This car is great! It is quick, reliable and safe. I simply love it!

All in all a true Volvo.

(at least from my experiences)

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Review Date: 30th May, 2002

22nd Jul 2002, 08:08

I own a 440 1.7 turbo A.B.S. since 4 years now, bought it with 80'000Km and now it has 221'000Km the motor is still perfect full of power!!! (I LOVE to play with these sweet BMW 318 on the highway!)

In addition of the normal maintenance, I had to change the front brakes at 130'000 the starter at 150'000 and the brush of the alternator at 180'000. The consumption is stable at 8.5/100km does not need much oil than regular.

Just love it!!! and it is so comfortable noise or bumps...

MAy be a bit too smooth for sport driving in curves, but lovely at 150 on highway, Switzerland to Holland by Germany, 900Km, not even tired of driving just miss the sleep.

Don't really want to change it, Because to get à car that powerfull and confortable, had to pay at least 30'000SFR For a T4!!!

1st Mar 2003, 12:25

Well I had some experience with my brothers 480 and my best friends 440 and that two made me sure not to buy a 400 Volvo. That much problems in such a short period isn't typical of Volvo. I'll stay at my rough 240 and help the FWD at the side of the road...

3rd Apr 2005, 15:02

That is true my friend -i love my volvo -Peter Jordanov from Bulgaria.

1990 Volvo 440 1.7 turbo intercooler 120hp


Starship Enterprise at a price of a bad holiday :)


Nothing yet...:) Keep your fingers crossed..

General Comments:

I was a little bit suspicious when I saw the car, but the first few clicks convinced me. This is the car I want to have. It's fast, comfortable, kinda cute :)

And chicks dig it :)

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Review Date: 13th April, 2001