1995 Audi Coupe S2 Quattro 2.2 5 cylinder, turbocharged


Awesome power in a comfortable ride


Replaced lambda sensor

Replaced Diverter Valve (DV)

Replaced Sparkplugs (Bosch F5DPOR)

Replaced all vacuum- and turbo hoses.

General Comments:

This is an awesome machine. it's very quick, is very comfortable and quattro gives the car brilliant handling- in wet or dry! it brings a grin to your face every time you put your pedal to the metal and feel the turbo boosting at full boost.

It needs quite a lot of maintenance though. the parts are quite expensive to replace (if done at Audi dealers, but there are ways around this).

It's fuel consumption is exceptionally high. I get about 15 liters/100 km (16 mpg) on average.

The brakes are useless, especially for the type of car that it is (upgrade to the Porsche RS2 kit - much better) and so are the lights. it only lights the road straight ahead and nothing after that, so many a time things catch you by surprise. (next to replace are lights with a xenon fitment, which uses less power than the standard halogen ones)

This car is totally amazing. it has all the creature comforts like airconditioning, power steering, electric windows and mirrors and leather seats and its got nice carbon fibre trim on the dash.

It has got a lot of power and still kills most modern fast cars - even though it's 10 years old now!

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Review Date: 20th March, 2006

31st Dec 2008, 23:28

I picked one of the 1995 S2 coupes up in Melbourne in 2002, and have since added the Wetterauer chip, Forge divertor valve, high flow air filter, and a heavier anti-sway bar - all for under $AU 2000.00. It now puts out 206Kw instead of 169Kw.

When the brake rotors needed replacing I went with the EBC rotors and green Kevlar pads, rather than go to the expense of the RS2 kit. The rear shockers now need replacing so I plan to do all four with Koni adjustables and replace all the bushes while the job is being done.

I have really enjoyed this car and plan to keep it. I have had 3 Porsche in the past - 911, 930, 968CS - and while I think they cornered better in the dry, the S2 has the edge in the wet, and the advantage of not attracting as much attention.

It has been the most reliable car I have owned.

1985 Audi Coupe GT 1.8


Best combination of practicality and rarity for the price


Had to replace the new front shocks because the previous owner fitted it incorrectly.

Had to replace the power steering pump (previous owner had after market power steering fitted). Still noisy and leaking slightly.

The after market air-con the previous owner had fitted stopped working.

General Comments:

As you can see, all the problems on the car were caused by negligence or after market add-ons. The car itself has been amazingly reliable for a 20 year old. I drive it everyday (over 10000km in a year) without having to worry if it's going to break down (unlike my previous car). It's also incredibly cheap to maintain. I spent only R280 (25 pounds, $40) on a full service and I get about 8 l/100km (29 US mpg, 35 UK mpg).

Unfortunately in May 2005 a Zimbabwean truck driver decided to use 2 lanes to go around the corner, while I was in one of them! The car has now been repaired and looks great, but nowadays my heart stops every time a car comes too close to me.

Mechanically, the Coupe is basically a VW Passat so parts are everywhere as half of the cars in South Africa have VW 1800 engines (Passat, Golf, Jetta, Fox, Audi 400). Body parts on the other hand are non-existent as the handful of Coupes in South Africa have been privately imported (mine came from the UK). Importing parts are also quite expensive. A taillight and small piece of aluminium trim cost me R1500 (134 pounds) to import.

Styling wise the Coupe looks stunning in red. When I saw it in the Autotrader there was no turning back as I have a soft spot for rare cars. It sucks not having a 5-cylinder, but maintenance and running costs would have been higher. Performance is adequate at best and it really looks a lot faster than it is. I can't wait to get it tuned up a bit. Handling is good, but the ride is terrible on bad services, thanks to the sports rear shocks fitted by the previous owner. My Alfa Sprint was a much more exhilarating drive.

Where it really excels is on the highway where you can cruise comfortably at 120km/h all day long. The Michelin tires are extremely quiet and although it's a coupe the rear passengers have more space than in my dad's BMW E46 sedan.

I love it to bits and still can't believe how lucky I am to drive it everyday.

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Review Date: 28th December, 2005