1976 Chrysler Valiant Safari Hi-Line 3.7L


The best ever!!


Only the door handles broke after 8 years in use on the outside, and an indicator lever.

General Comments:

This was the best car I've ever owned; reliable, light on fuel for its size, being a 3.7L automatic slant six, giving 10-11km/l @ 120km/hr is very good in comparison to other competitors in its class.

This old lady was very well taken care of, and slept on a carpet each night. Never had any major problems with it, it had a 142kw engine with enough power, but it was very lazy at speed, doing 165km/hr tops. That was a bad one, especially when trying to overtake a truck or another vehicle! It's a pity we never had the Australian engines available in South-African models. Also the Australian models were much sportier and more attractive than South-African models, especially the Charger and Ranger models!

But overall, this was a fantastic car. I still regret selling it; after all, I inherited it from my dad. Years after that, I bought myself a 73 Regal Formula S; now this was a fast one, picking up speed and doing 190km/hr. Thereafter I bought myself a 75 Regal, also a slow one doing tops @ 165km/hr, but all of them were light on fuel.

Now today I'm in need of the station wagon I first had! This is the Safari model with the wooden grain strips on the outside (American style), but the Australian body. We had a few made in SA, my first was one of those; I have not seen any of these on the Australian/New Zealand sites. These were excellent, the best cars ever made!

- Croucamp, De Aar, South-Africa.

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Review Date: 11th November, 2014