2006 Citroen C3 Furio HDI 1.4 turbo diesel


Great, cheap to buy, fuel efficient car


Clutch needed replacing when I bought the car.

Diesel leak from fuel sender.

Seal on the gearbox failed.

Rear wiper washer dripping inside the car.

Shocks needed replacing all round.

The car developed a knocking noise, which turned out to be either the front shock mounts and drop links. Both were replaced.

Battery failed this year.

General Comments:

Although the list of repairs done to the car is quite long, none of the repairs have been difficult or expensive. In fact I have been quite impressed with the cost of Citroen parts and also the fact that I have never needed to wait for parts.

The car itself is pleasant to drive and is pretty quiet for a small diesel. Fuel economy is excellent; I get about 5.3 litres per 100km and generally get around 750km on a full tank. The car has all the features you could want, bar not having cruise control or an arm rest.

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Review Date: 6th July, 2017

2009 Citroen C3 1.6 petrol


Nice car with lots of features, but also with problems


Tow bar caused light fault error. This was due to some dirt getting onto a micro switch in the trailer plug that I had no knowledge of, and was not warned about in the handbook.

Smoke coming from air vents while driving in peak time traffic. Been told it was the clutch burning from being used used in traffic. This caused the burning to be pulled into the aircon filter. The Citroen service manager told me that I must not use the clutch in slow moving traffic. How am I suppose to drive at 10/15 KM/h without using the clutch? Was told if I do, the maintenance and warranty cover would not cover this. A problem I never had before with other cars.

General Comments:

The car feels bigger then what it feels.

I found the car not to be as steadfast on the road as any of the previous cars when cornering.

The car feels loose on the road when driving at high speeds.

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Review Date: 23rd January, 2010