1998 Daewoo Espero CD 1.8 petrol


A waste of money


I have replaced the alternator 5 times.

The car overheats and nothing can be done according to the manufacturer.

The service is shocking.

The car is extremely heavy on fuel.

The interior rattles consistently and it falls apart too easily.

General Comments:

The car does have a good top speed for its engine capacity, but seems to wear tyres down too easily, I'm not sure about the balance and weight distribution.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? No

Review Date: 31st May, 2006

24th Aug 2007, 04:22

I am shocked to hear the comments about this car. It's like someone has lifted a heavy load off my shoulders. It's true that it uses a lot of fuel; excessive wear of the tyres; and I have to keep changing the ball joints and the tierod ends to stop it from shaking.

Though it's good at speed, I love the balance when it's in top gear. For some reason I still haven't sold it; it is addictive, I might say...