2006 Ford KA


I bought my Ford Ka brand new, and not six months later, the overheating problem started. A few months later the head gasket blew.

It seemed to be going fine until last year, September, when my car started overheating again. A heat valve was replaced, then after that a thermostat fan was replaced. I was reassured that the problem had been resolved, until last month a new engine had to be replaced due to all the overheating problems.

Had my car back for a few days, when it went back in again (it had a knocking noise). Apparently it was the right front link rod, which come loose (which I've been told is not related to the engine being replaced), yet it wasn't like that when my car went in. I was told that a new engine, is like having a brand new car again... We will just have to wait and see, as my car had to go in again after it was replaced... I'm just so tired of all this...

To make matters worse, this dealership is not at all helpful... and now I have to pay the extra costs of the engine, even after they admitted that it was due to all the heating problems...

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Review Date: 21st January, 2010

14th Jan 2011, 05:37

I also have a 2006 KA, and have had all the same problems. It's been a nightmare. I broke down due to overheating, which only started the day before, and now low water light went on. I now have to pay for it myself, even though I know I have been looking after the car very well. I'm very disappointed in Ford SA, and the way they can sell a faulty line to the public, and take no responsibility for when the car has problems.

14th Mar 2011, 09:01

I also drive a Ford KA 2006.

I had to return it 3 x in the first three months due to overheating and fan problems - my fan never switched off! I didn't receive a lot of help, but a lot of shrugging! My dealership really didn't help me. Since then I am manually checking the water weekly - to make sure it is at the right level - so not to overheat and cannot drive further than 40 - 50 kms! My car only has 36200 km on the clock!

4th May 2011, 04:46

2006 Ford Ka seems to have been dumped on SA market. Overheating, no fans working, A/C blows hot air, skimming the cylinder head and now misfire.

What is worse, they are obviously aware of the problems, yet they sold a faulty vehicle and expect the consumer to keep forking out for inherent problems.