2008 Honda Civic Type R 2.0 naturally aspirated


A driver's car with performance and reliability that won't let you down


Nothing whatsoever.

General Comments:

This vehicle is built for racing and driving hard every time it is driven, and so with that said, this vehicle does what it was intended to do, as it never fails me and it performs every single day.

The interior was designed for the driver, and I for one can vouch for this. The positioning of the digital speedometer and the size of the rev counter keeps the driver's head up and eyesight on the road, and not looking down trying to find the speedo and rev counter.

This vehicle's feedback thru the steering wheel is unlike any other and is how it should be.

The precision and length of travel to each gear is a real treat to any petrol head.

Consumption? This vehicle is a little bit thirsty with an average of 12 litres per 100km in town and mixed driving.

Performance!? This vehicle's performance is like no other that I have experienced in regards to a naturally aspirated power plant under the hood. The vehicle's exterior design is still very unique to that of the vehicles of late, and I still receive compliments on a weekly basis.

When you accelerate thru the gears, you and the pedestrians know about it, as the exhaust note is loud, unique and astronomical.

This vehicle has a cold air intake as well as a full exhaust system, and lastly software, and it still performs better than a lot of more recent vehicles that make the use of a turbo.

I have owned 5 vehicles from 5 different manufacturers, and this vehicle has surpassed them all in the fields of:

A) Performance

B) Reliability

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Review Date: 12th November, 2016

1996 Honda Civic V-tec 1.6


Vtec, need I say more


I had purchased the car with a go tech management system and with the head redone.. it has a twin performance exhaust, which makes a impressive noise.. the management however messes things up... the hooter does not work; even after it had been rewired, it died again. Been told it's a common fault.

I have encountered many oil leaks, I have spent around 5000 on maintenance so far.. it's a solid car, but it was a mistake buying a car with the mileage so high. It does make me smile a lot when I do drive it, but it could have been much better.. Look around and be safe. Be sure to look at the interior.

General Comments:

Excellent, but must be maintained 100%.

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Review Date: 6th September, 2009

1998 Honda Civic 150i Hatchback 1.5 petrol


No problems experienced yet.

General Comments:

Although it is no tar burner, it handles and performs very well. The only gripe being that the gearing is too long for the torqueless motor.

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Review Date: 21st February, 1999

5th Apr 2005, 07:07

Not the most throughout review there. I drive a 1999 150i 3 door Civic. I have to agree with you that the engine is under-torqued and the top gears could be closer. However, as for performance and the 0 - 100 run this car rocks. I pull most 1600's including the likes of the new Run X's and VWs and all I have done is changed the intake and exhaust systems. All in all I am extremely happy with this impressive little car!