1984 Honda Prelude EX 1.8 dual carb


This is the most awesome sports coupe from the 80's


Well not much can go wrong, as this is the perfect 80's street coupe.

It has been in various accidents and also been T-boned, but refuses to die!!!

General Comments:

Well I inherited this car from my dad, and it's older than me LOL.

But OMG this car has got me forever; even with its badly worn suspension, it still drove amazing.

There were so many accessories for this car, I am currently rebuilding it with full blown racing type suspension and a h22 VTEC motor.

Seriously, you can make these cars perform for very little money.

Also, there is an amazing forum called preludepower.com for assistance.

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Review Date: 1st May, 2011

1993 Honda Prelude Si 2.2


An excellent fast and practical car


When I bought it, it had no spark (I later discovered there was no power being sent to the main relay when the ignition was switched on). That was sorted out easily by my electrician (I think it was because of the old alarm the car had, which had been removed when I bought the car).

The thermostat is not working properly, so it is overheating unless you drive with the A/C. I will change it soon, I'm just lazy right now.

When I got it running, I found out the auto gearbox was slipping from second into third, and to my surprise, when I took out the oil it had the same texture as water. I replaced that and it has been changing gears perfectly and smoothly; it does not leak a drop of oil.

General Comments:

Most people here have commented on the back seats. I'm 18 years old and have managed to fit 3 average sized girls into the car (plus me in the driver seat) so yes, it is small, but you can still use the seats.

I love beating the Civics and various other newer 2.0 cars. I enjoy seeing the shocked look on their faces when this car comes flying past.

Someone spoke about their back seats not folding, but one of mine do actually fold. I find the boot very big for a car of this size.

Where ever I go with this car, people always say things like "wow that is such a sexy car". Everybody seems to love the look of the dash and the gages.

I use my Prelude mainly on the weekends and have it more as a spare car. I love this car and have had a few very good cash offers on it, and I refuse in any circumstance to sell it.

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Review Date: 30th March, 2009