1998 Jaguar XJR 4.0 supercharged


Classic Q car for the classic individual


General wear and tear so far, nothing serious, and I have its full service history from new, as I knew the previous owner, and how they'd had the car from new.

The biggest issue so far has been the head lining, which came down about a year or so ago, and has started to come down again. The dealer is outsourcing the fixing of it as they did so last year, and it's still covered by that warranty, so I'm fine with that.

General Comments:

Fuel is a big cost compared to today's light consumption cars, but the smile it puts on my face every day is priceless.

I have the usual worries about the year regarding the known problems with the car, but we have low sulphur fuel now so I don't stress about the wear on the inside of the engine due to the linings.

I do worry about the tensioner, so I'm considering changing that to the later version, but... right now I am just replacing all the main bushes, shocks and brake discs to get the drive back to the best it can be for its year.

My kids love the car as it is very different to all the other cars I have owned, which have been S Class Mercs (2), SLKs (2), BMW 5 Series (4), Porsches (2) and even a previous 1985 XJ6. The most comfortable cars I have owned have to be the S Classes and a Volvo 850GLT. This is close, but has way more power so the ride has to be tighter; similar but not as hard as the two 540is that I have owned. The other 5s were a 525i and a 523i; both with a much softer ride than the 540s.

For its year it is still low Kilos, so I hope to keep the car for quite a while. Next year I will get myself a low consumption car, like a diesel Discovery or similar ;-) for every day use, but that is for next year. Until then, I'll drive like the wind and enjoy every minute.

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Review Date: 14th October, 2014

2000 Jaguar XJR RHD 4.0 V8 SC


This car doesn't need to prove anything!


Steering problem. - Fixed with new set of tires.

General Comments:

This is my first Cat. (Jag)

Will certainly buy some more. Different, Stunning!

Mind blowing performance, but discreet.

Sound system can be better. (I am used to Volvo sound systems{Pro-logic}

The CAT is as solid as can be!

Handles South African roads well.

It's a big car, but whilst driving it shrinks and do whatever I want with no hesitation.

My age? 27

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Review Date: 7th May, 2003

26th Jan 2007, 01:24

You think the sound system could be better? and your used to volvo pro-logic?

I used to have a Volvo and the sound system was also pro-logic whilst it is OK it is nothing special and not particularly powerful.

My friend owns an xjr and the sound system is streets ahead in terms of quality and power.