1977 Mercedes-Benz W107 450 SLC 4.5 V8


Great Car


Vacuum Central Locking System.

General Comments:

This car is a great tourer and can comfortably sit at speed on the highways.

The V8 sound from the engine is awesome.

The car is however quite thirsty especially in town driving.

The interior is well thought out and has all of the luxuries that you find in modern cars including air conditioning, sunroof, cruise control, power steering etc.

The seating is really comfortable and a recent trip from Cape Town to JHB (1,350 kms) was a pleasure.

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Review Date: 14th February, 2008

11th Mar 2009, 20:31

Hi, are there many SLC's in South Africa?

21st Aug 2009, 08:52

I am thinking of getting a 450 SL as my first car, I have always been a fan. The car is 10 years older than I am, do you think that is a smart move?

20th Apr 2011, 12:29

Yes I do.

I bought my first 12/09/09 on eBay. I was home alone and was going through ads. I saw this 1979 450SEL. I have always liked this car. I put my bit in, didn't think I would get it.

When I got up the next day I got a sick feeling, oh god what did I just do? I agreed to wire $$$$$$ to someone I never met, for a car I had never seen, not one of my better moves. It took 3 weeks to get delivered. The weather was bad.

When it came off the truck it was like a old Friend came home. There is another story to this (when my wife first saw what I had done, but that's for later). The car has only 42,460 original miles. I have every bill that has been spent on it since when it was bought.

So good luck on your quest.

Lou Fisher.

3rd Jan 2012, 05:43

I have a 1980 450 SLC, which was imported from Germany - left hand drive - in Cape Town, South Africa. Mechanically perfect, and hasn't given a single problem. A few minor flaws, including a couple of rust spots that can be easily fixed.

I agree with the other posters in that this is the most enjoyable car I've ever had, including a newer 200SLK.