2007 Toyota Avanza VVTi 1.5


The engine design is too complex, it probably has an inherent design fault in it


My 2007 Avanza VVTi 1.5's motor suddenly blew up with all eight exhaust valves bent and burnt, three heads broken off and motor destroyed. The car had only done 87000 km at the time a week ago.

The Toyota dealer had a report done which stated that the probable cause was over-revving. I am a 67 year old man, rarely drive over 100 km/hr, and know I have not over-revved the engine. The vehicle had previously been in for service and other work to the same garage two months ago. I suspect there is an inherent flaw with this motor's VVT system, or the valve gaps were incorrect, or Toyota staff over-revved the engine, but am now faced with paying an R87000 bill to have the motor repaired.

I shall not ever buy a Toyota again. Has anyone experienced a similar problem?

General Comments:

It was fine up until the engine blew out.

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Review Date: 7th July, 2016

2007 Toyota Avanza SX 1.5


Reliable car for a large family


The lights on my center console did not work after installation of a radio. This was quickly resolved by the dealership.

General Comments:

The gear ratios of these cars are meant for always carrying a load of passengers - This is truly a "mom's taxi".

I liked the drive initially, but after getting used to it, the experience changed. The car stayed the same - it's a Toyota "nuff said".

I did not like doing traffic jams, as the ratio between 1st and second gear would cause the car to jerk at certain speeds - and no, it's not me.

Doing our normal shopping rounds was slightly unpleasant, as my wife would normally sit in the back with the baby. But it was a bumpy ride. The suspension on these Avanza's is just not the same as the Condor.

Doing a long distance trip was not a very comfortable ride for the passengers in the back.

The space inside the cabin is nice, and the light coloured dash "brown" and creamy seats are pleasing to the eye.

Removing the rear seats and folding down the middle layer would create much space for loading whatever can fit in there. Normally my mountain bike (without taking the wheels off) and stuff to the side of it.

Very reliable, but not meant for speed/comfort freaks - not that I am one.

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Review Date: 23rd August, 2010

2006 Toyota Avanza SX 1.5




Brake pads wore at around 4500km's, and continued to do so every 3500km's to 6000km's.

Front wheel bearings seize every 4000km's to 6000km's. Have already spent approximately R7000.00 on replacing the brake pads, and my Avanza has just done 40000 km's.

The wheel bearings are still under warranty, but have seized approximately around seven times to date.

Not sure what will happen when my car is off the warranty and I have to start paying for the wheel bearings every time they seize??

General Comments:

The car is extremely unstable when braking quickly; sometimes even jumps when coming to a sudden stop.

The engine runs well, and I have had no problems with any mechanical issues to date.

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Review Date: 22nd November, 2008

19th Sep 2009, 22:59

Unusual problems. Something must be terribly wrong with the bearing mounts, brake assemblies for your problems to come about. Not even rough roads with dirt and dust can cause that kind of wear on bearings and brakes unless you drive like you were in an off-road rally, and do not check for dirt on brakes and remaining grease on bearings.

23rd Aug 2010, 08:05

This is not right - I would let Toyota sort it out. I've had one for just as long and not a single problem. I am sorry to hear about your experience.

25th Feb 2012, 21:13

Maybe the unit you picked has a defect? Driving an Avanza really is not smooth, unless you've got enough load.

21st Sep 2015, 08:32

My Avanza has never given me any problems since I bought it at 70000 on clock. Now it's at 180000 on the clock; no problems till now; it's a 2009 model.