2001 BMW 3 Series 330 XI Touring


BMW, ultimate driving machine



General Comments:

Superb handling, loads of power and infinite grip. A bit thirsty if you have a heavy foot. Very elegant and looks great even if it is 6 years old.

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Review Date: 21st October, 2007

1998 BMW 3 Series 328i SE 2.8


Absolutely brilliant car


Nothing to date.

General Comments:

Very nice looking, first of the E46 series.

Quick, comfortable, smooth, reliable and has great road presence - an absolute gem. The noise from the straight 6 is awesome.

Never owned a BMW before this, always thought that the badge was what you paid for. How wrong I was. These cars are simply in a class of their own.

Would definitely buy another - I love it!

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Review Date: 13th July, 2007

14th Nov 2008, 08:34

I sold this car last month after a year of so of owning it. When I first got it, I moved up from a 2.0 Mondeo, so it felt extremely powerful and very fast. Since then I bought a 740i Sport which is obviously in a different league, and then following this an M5, so in comparison I sort of out grew it. However until the last I could not say I was anything other than impressed with this machine, great driving car, and sold to a good friend of mine, so I still see it from time to time!

Buy one of these, you will love it.

1986 BMW 3 Series 325ic 2.5 gasoline straight six


Big Mexican Woman


When I bought it, it was on a pitiful condition: during 2 full years it had been garaged and unused. I Had to change tires, liquids, battery, glove box (the car had been tempted to steal many times).

Also had to replace the shocks that hold the convertible cover, the one from the engine. Minor works on electricity due to short circuits. The antenna still does not work. Radio cassette is almost dead, good speakers though. Driver's seat is already worn out. Sometimes the engine overheats when staying idle for a while (about 1 hour) especially on trafic jams.

Idle regular when start (850rpm), gets higher when warmer (1000rpm).

The convertible top is quite damaged due to not taking care of it and some robberies. It's dried, the noise gets too present at speeds over 160km/h. windows flip with roof when closing doors.

Red color starting to fade, bumpers have some rust on the under part.

General Comments:

The most entertaining car I have ever driven! I love it! No power assisted steering, but delightful feeling of the three spoke leather-wrapped steering wheel (especially on B-roads), no air conditioning (Summer is very hot in Madrid), no electric cover (the fewer goodies it has, the fewer things can give me headache).

Great engine, smooth as silk with a humming that goes with you on every trip. Gets good mileage, about 10l/100km running between 140-160km/h and 12l on heavy city driving.

Value increases everyday, as it gives you eye-glances from everyone when open.

Engine starts perfect. On board computer is so reliable that nowadays not used anymore because it gives car almost eternal life.

Handles like a kart, suspension is hard as well.

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Review Date: 4th June, 2003