2001 BMW M5 5.0 V8


Goes like the stink


Nothing yet, thank god.

General Comments:

Very fast, understated, has everything on it including double glazing on mine.

Best car I have ever owned, but then I am a true blue-and-white BMW fan - also have a 520i and 740i.

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Review Date: 14th November, 2008

5th Aug 2010, 13:25

Since my review I have had the car resprayed - twice actually, once badly, one well.

The black paint (actually it's very very dark blue, almost black... weird. I thought it was black for a year). It shows every swirl and imperfection which is frustrating.

Next on list to get done are:

1) Front seats to be re-trimmed. I am fed up with trying to recondition the worn leather. It's the one thing that really depresses me about the car.

2) Windscreen needs removing and replacing to replace rubber/plastic surround, it's been siliconed over and in the sun just keeps peeling off which now its been resprayed looks bad.

3) Major service - and I might get the Vanos rebuilt as it's a bit noisy after 120,000 miles - expensive but I think its worth it if I keep the car long term.

4) Engine clean - dusty as hell, never been kept clean although its only dust and not oil leaks or anything.

It has since been bumped one down the pecking order in my garage by the purchase of a 2003 Porsche 911 X50 Turbo. Later this year it's due to get bumped one more as I add a Mercedes 500SL to my collection below the 911. Still a beast though and I intend to keep it for many more years yet.