1993 Citroen AX GTi 1.4


A non-obtrusive crackerjack


Leaking interior radiator at 75000 km's. Took 2 days and a lot of headaches to change! This happens with all Ax's with the difference that the type I (upto 1991) has a far easer to change radiator.

Alternator brushes and regulator unit changed at 92000 km's.

Don't buy the original as it will cost nearly as much as a new alternator.

General Comments:

This car is a tuned GTI. It has changed considerably since I bought it. Some of the changes are:

- Tuned engine (chip, valves, pistons, camshaft etc.)

- 4 in 1 exhaust system, no catalytic converter, two 90 mm end-pipes

- Completely redesigned and self-manufactured front suspension, rally type adjustable ride-height and adjustable shocks. Car lowered about 20 mm overall.

- Alloy rims with low profile tires

- Rally type brakes with Dot 5 fluid

- Added extra rear spoiler

- Cool blue headlights

- 400 W audio system with 12 speakers

- Driver seat replaced with rally seat and corresponding seat-belt harness.

Total engine output is about 130 HP which takes the car in some 8 seconds to 100 km/h with a max speed at 220 km/h.

Believe me this car is a rocket! It blows out 406 coupes, Golf GTI's, BMW's and the likes….

It has and incredible roaring sound when putting your foot down.

Due to the changed front suspension it has a little over-steering instead of the traditional under-steer.

It drives like a kart, but is still comfortable enough for long hours of driving. However it is not really a family car.

It doesn't have any major faults other than the well-known problems;

- Leaking interior radiator, which is real problem to change due too bad original design.

- Some bad electrical connections.

- Alternator brushes which wear down before 100.000 km's.

I perform all maintenance, including motor revision. Spent about 1400 hours realizing all changes.

The parts I use come from all over Europe.

It now has around 92000 km's and is still in excellent shape. Painting keeps it's brilliance throughout the year with little extra care other than washing and polishing regularly with a real good polish.

Would I buy the same again? YES, definitely! I've had a total of 4 Ax's, but this one really was and is the one.

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Review Date: 18th December, 2002

1993 Citroen AX 11 TRE 1.1


A piece of trash! Although it is very cheap...


Many things!

Gear box is a total crap.

The brake system is amazingly bad.

The car chassis is so fragile that you'll be afraid to pass over a medium road hole.

The electronics are a nightmare!


General Comments:

This car is a piece of trash! Awful handling! Only the engine can be excluded from these statements. Please don't try to go fast with this piece of poor metal. My advice: try another car, and do not spend your money on a Citroen AX.

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Review Date: 23rd December, 2000

11th Aug 2002, 16:51

Why? Please explain your point of view or it's pointless.