1995 Citroen XM SX 2.0 petrol


Don't buy this car, it's a poor sod


Front wheels wobbly at 120 km, steel wheels have been replaced by alloys with new tires, but problem persists. Probably the half axles need a check.

XM's always make noises and little bits and pieces go faulty, however they seem to regenerate after a while, so you better leave the car alone until it really breaks down.

General Comments:

This is my second XM and it will probably kill me because there seems to be no limit to merciless cornering on bad Spanish roads, especially if a stubborn Audi A8 won't let you go by.

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Review Date: 2nd June, 2004

22nd Feb 2005, 14:43

Sadly, few Xm owners or tyre dealers understand that Xms only run true on Michelin tyres. A simple fact, but a testament to the design of the car, it is one of the few cars that has been designed to the point of a specific tyre working with the car, rather than being designed 'down' to a number of potential everyday possibilities of tyre choice.

13th Aug 2008, 09:59

Car runs fine now on Continental ECO2. I've driven it to Brittany and halfway Morocco without any problems (well a speeding ticket). Kms driven now 50000. Unfortunately headlights and airco go off whenever they feel like it, especially when dark or hot. Hope to be able to fix it, cause at the dealership this will be an expensive repair. If I push it, even now, no other car keeps up with this animal: mods are: chip tuning, turbonator fin at the air inlet, and 195/60 instead of 195/65; even though it's a 2 litre 16 valve, this car is very eager and well balanced. Please don't tell anybody else OK? Next year I want to buy the V6 12 valve manual, so I hope prices stay as low as they are.

29th Apr 2013, 03:51

Well it's April 2013 and I have owned this car now for nine years without major trouble. When I bought it, it was already a ten year old car. I'm afraid there are not many XM's left now for me to buy my third one.