1989 Fiat Regata 70 1.3


A comfortable and economical performance compact


First changes were at 200.000 km:




Top gasket leaking & changed at 220.000 km.

Electronic ignition blew, left me stranded on the motorway at 270.000 km.

General Comments:

General interior (seats, lining etc) is not at all worn out, it maintains perfectly.

This car is like an armoured tank, very strong. I fell asleep on the motorway doing 110kph - only minor damage to the car, continued driving without stopping slamming against the middle cement separation.

Even if the engine is 1.3 the performance is like a 1.5, excellent in acceleration and recuperation.

This car was very unstable in fast curves, but with the new suspension (Monroe sensatrac) and wider tires I added (before 155/55, now 170/60) the car is glued to the pavement.

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Review Date: 7th April, 2001