1999 Opel Corsa 1.2


Get rid of it...


Strange rumbling noise that no dealer or mechanics could find out what it was. Many, many small ridiculous problems. This car made me walk on the road several times...

General Comments:

Forget the Opel Corsa. With less money, you'll buy a better car. Opel has a good reputation in car reliability, but this Corsa model makes me wonder if that is true. I have some friends with Opel Corsas, and they are all getting rid of them!! Besides, I don't find the car design attractive enough to take all those problems I told you about.

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Review Date: 27th December, 2000

6th Feb 2001, 14:20

Had a Corsa in the demanding conditions of Mexican roadways, it is 7 years old, and has not had a single problem.

31st Aug 2001, 09:06

I am from Australia, and the equivalent is a Holden Barina City.

See my review under Holden Barina City (A lemon...)

I agree with the author of this review. The Opel Corsa (Holden Barina) is a less than satisfactory car.

27th Sep 2006, 16:02

I am from Serbia and I have corsa 1.0 12v for one year;I must to say that it is a terrible little car. Engine is very weak, and the body too. In our country corsa has just one good attribute: I can very easy find spare parts for service. And nothing else. Now I save money to buy another car, probably volkswagen (which is much better).

22nd Oct 2006, 15:27

My girlfriend is from serbia and she has a corsa 1.2 for over 4 years and she is very satisfied with her.

15th Jul 2010, 20:26

Hello. I am from Sri Lanka. I have an Opel Corsa B 1998 3 cylinder. I have had problems with it; it starts well, but it does not accelerate. Can anyone give me a reason for this issue?