1998 Peugeot 205 generation 1.8 diesel


Still good today


The rear doors doesn't lock well, so the water gets in the car when I wash it and there is an aerodynamic noise driving on a highway at high speed.

Minor electrical problems (turning indicators). The fix costed less than 6 euro.

Sometimes the speedometer stops working, but it starts working by hitting the dashboard with your fist... ;)

General Comments:

I think it s a good and reliable first car.

It s not really outdated, although appearing in 1983.

It s really economical (6 l. every 100 km or less)

It is not a sports car, but handles well on the road and gives confidence to its driver.

I think its engine would last forever, if maintained. In fact, the Citroen c15 is still produced here in Spain with the 1.8 diesel.

It's absolutely reliable. In contrast, a 206 1.4 HDI is a nightmare.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? No

Review Date: 24th September, 2005