1997 Seat Ibiza 1.9D 1.9 diesel


Unreliable after 40,000 miles


Engine mounting broke 75,000 ( kms )

Fuel leak Injection overhaul 80,000.

New power steering pump 82,000.

Brake noise, always, especially when wet (pads and discs OK)

New transmission 88,000.

Pre heater plugs now fail when cold.

Oil leak 80,000.

General Comments:

VW parts are not what they used to be. I once had older Golfs which were great, but the Ibiza (a VW polo underneath) is fitted with lower quality parts and deliberate planned obsolescence, such that anything other than low mileage is not worth buying. While the gear box and Engine block seem to be reliable, they are just about the only bits that haven't gone wrong. Brakes feel like my old Morris Minor!

Like it for looks, seats wear well, aircon good cost me €4000 in bills over 3 years.

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Review Date: 27th September, 2005

31st Mar 2006, 07:52

I don't agree with you!!!

I have the same year, and never had problems with it. Just need to put diesel in and change the oil!!!

The car has 150.000km.

20th Jun 2006, 07:49

I agree, I have a 1.9 DIESEL non turbo. It's cheap to run, very reliable, great little car, and looks good. I've had it 3 years and nothing has gone wrong with it yet.


5th May 2010, 17:02

We have a little Seat Ibiza Salsa D. 1.9, indirect injection, naturally aspirated (no turbocharger). The brakes are adequate, nothing more than that.

It's a 1996 model and we've had seemingly forever. It's been the second car in the family until now (2010) and it's now the only car.

It is not the quickest thing around of course, but it's approaching 150,000 miles (yes, that's over 240,000 km) and it's an unburstable little drive.

Unusually for its era it has PAS, front powered windows, remote locking. That's it, though. And the CD/radio is quite pleasant.

The bodywork is getting tatty, it lived by the sea in its early days, but mechanically it's been, and is still being, a dream.

It keeps going and going. Never fast, of course, but it still maintains a comfortable 80+mph on long Motorway runs with four on board, plus the tiny amount of luggage in the small boot.

Fuel economy is not great, however, naturally aspirated diesels are not good at economy.

The little 1.9 litre VW diesel engine is robust.

2002 Seat Ibiza Sport 1.9 turbo diesel


The 130 BHP is worth every penny. Excellent


The worst thing about this car is the build quality. The constants noises were so bad that it drove me up the bend. Seat had the car over 5 times, would solve the problems and then after a few days they would all come back. The car has has also always pulled to one side with the ESP on, Seat blamed the tires for not being run in, but we have now done 19000kms and their answer: You are the only ones who have complained.

General Comments:

We purchased a 130 Bhp TDI because our long trips with the GTI Golf were braking the bank. The engine in the Ibiza is the same as the TDI Golf, itssssss perfect, and economical. Be warned the 100Bhp TDI is rubbish, so harsh ans noisy. The only reason we have not sold the car its because of the engine, it's hard to believe how smooth and fast the car is, yet so so so economical. O yeah for the same money as the polo we got so many extras. Climate control, 4 Airbags, ESP, Rear window blind, Boot Tray, Cd Player. As while for the same money a Polo gave us nothing. In my opinion rent one for a day, fall in Love and install a nice sound systems to cover up the noises. Sorted.

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Review Date: 9th September, 2003

1991 Seat Ibiza clx 1.2


Surprisingly faster


Water pump was broken with 44000 km.

Exhaust pipe broken 3 times during cars life, last time with 58000 km.

Some noises when the road is not good.

General Comments:

Sometimes I think it has more than 63hp.

It allows me travelling faster than the rest of the traffic. I often go at about 150 km/h at 4500 RPM, and twice at 190-195 (6100 RPM) in a long slope.

It is not very good in slow curves.

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Review Date: 31st May, 2002

2nd Feb 2005, 09:05

I have ibiza 1992 with 1.5 litre it goes to 190,195 with 6100 rpm,