2002 Honda Civic RS 1.7 liter


A great car to own and an absolute pleasure to drive


At 33000Km The SRS warning light lit up and remains on instead of switching itself off after the Power-on-self-test. Upon inspection, the dealer informed me that the SRS control unit has failed and needs to be replaced. This costs approximately US$750 in Sri Lanka.

The EGR valve was clogged at 45000 Km resulting in an engine 'knock'; The dealer insisted that I replace the valve. However, upon cleaning the valve myself and resetting the Error Code in the ECU the problem hasn't occurred since. I guess the dealer was just trying to sell a new EGR valve.

The driving seat rocks.

General Comments:

This is a Japanese Domestic Model (JDM) and is a pleasure to drive. It is equipped with Dual SRS Air Bags, Electric Power Steering (EPS), ABS, Climate control, Power Shutters and mirrors and factory fitted Xenon HID lights with a factory fitted Aero-Kit.

Sporty yet a wonderful Family car. RELIABLE!

The D17A 1.7L vtec engine is absolutely wonderful and fuel efficient. I get 12 Km/L in the city (Colombo) and up to 16 Km/L on long distance drives.

The drive position and the equipment are just fine, to say the least.

Very responsive and corners as if it were on rails.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 20th November, 2008