2001 Peugeot 307 1.6 petrol


Stay Away!!


After owning a 206, which had only its AL4 gearbox problems, I went in for a manual 307, thinking that it would be easier to maintain, and also for the fact that is is much bigger. This has been the most horrible vehicle I have ever owned.

Trouble started after the 1st week I got it. The car wouldn't start sometimes and the starter motor was replaced for 250$.

The bottom of the windscreen beading is leaking water into the engine compartment, including the battery. Could not find a fix for that.

Then it said antipollution fault and TPS sensor; oxygen sensor replaced for 150$. The problem seemed to have gone.

Again after a week or two, the power steering pump went. Since it was an electro-hydraulic unit, I had to spend about 500$ to replace it.

Radiator cooling fan stopped working afterwards, and cost another 200$.

Then when I finally got the car running fine for two weeks, the damn thing caught fire one night and screwed the left side of the engine. Seems to have originated from the alternator. 1500$, and was lucky to get away with that amount.

General Comments:

Stay away from this model. The comfort and interior quality seem to be good, but reliability is just a joke.

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Review Date: 19th September, 2013