2003 Volvo S60 2.0 turbo


Solid car


Suspension parts, very common on Sri Lankan roads.

Faulty stereo.

Power steering pump makes a weird noise.

Other than that, nothing which I could describe as unreliable.

General Comments:

I bought this car after driving my friend's S60.

The ride quality is great. There is much less road noise.

The 5 cylinder engine is not the most refined, but gets decent gas mileage (because it's a manual).

The factory stereo and speakers are brilliant. You can turn the volume up a lot with no distortion.

The seats are the best I have sat on a car. Very comfortable and they have lots of adjustments.

It has lots of toys compared to other cars (dual zone climate control, telephone etc).

Overall it is a solid car.

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Review Date: 21st December, 2014

21st Dec 2014, 20:34

The power steering pump gets noisy on Volvos, if the wrong fluid is used. The fluid must be the Pentosin CHF11s. An equivalent is the Prestone Power Steering Fluid for European Vehicles, which is synthetic.

2001 Volvo S60 2.0L turbo


A great car with great value and a great package


All the front lower-arm bushes and the top spring mounts were busted.

The coolant reservoir tank has cracks and leaks, and the power steering fluid reservoir is swollen and leaks from the cap.

The A/C blower motor is making a really big rattle.

Spare wheel locking nut is broken.

There's a gear oil leak that needs to be found and fixed.

General Comments:

Well, we bought this car as a replacement for our Pug 306. Our initial goal was to go for an S40 diesel, but ended up with this as all the S40s we looked were total crap.

This was imported to Sri Lanka in 2005 as a used car from the UK, and basically I'm the second owner in Sri Lanka.

The previous owners had neglected to maintain the car properly, and the interior of the car is in bad shape. Though the seats and all are good, the dashboard, door cards and switch panels all seem to be in need of replacement.

But the audio setup and the rest works completely fine. Has superb braking, even with worn out pads & rotors. Sometimes I fear that someone might rear-end me because of the stopping power.

The engine is powerful too. This is the fastest car I've driven and owned. It lets you overtake when needed, and gives that extra power when required.

One of the complaints that I have is that the car is very low to the ground. It may be good for Europe/USA and the likes, but for us where we have uneven roads and large pot holes, the car gets rubbed on the underside.

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Review Date: 28th June, 2010

10th Feb 2016, 09:42

It is great if some one can tell me about the maintenance cost of an S60. Are spare parts available? What is the cost? And fuel consumption?

Thanks in advance.