1998 BMW 7 Series 750iA 5.4 litre V12


The price of driving the best


- GPS stopped working.

- Stereo sound muted when turning left (!)

- Engine started running uneven and misfiring, £4000 later and the problem was fixed.

General Comments:

I love the design of the old E38 7-series and I was really out to get a 740 V8, but this 750 V12 looked stunning with its low mileage and well documented history in Monaco. The car seemed perfect on the outside...

I have a good friend who has gone through 3 of these V12s and never had a problem, but my car seemed to have every annoying little fault possible. When it worked, for the first few months it was truly astonishing, performance, acceleration and comfort was top class and I still love the clean look of a standard, well kept E38. When things started going wrong, it was not so fun anymore. Settle for a 740 and you probably have one of the best cars ever, the 750 is for the few who appreciate, and can afford the refinement of a V12.

What is interesting is that I got the same long-distance mileage on the 750 as on my current 530.

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Review Date: 8th December, 2008