1987 Chevrolet Caprice Brougham Classic 5.0L V8


Once you've gone Caprice, you don't turn back!


Hard to get power down to the starter when below 32F (to get the engine to crank).

General Comments:

Runs great!!! Wouldn't trade or sell it!

No rust on the body or frame, no damage to the interior or the vinyl top.

Reasonable mileage per gallon.

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Review Date: 11th February, 2001

13th Feb 2001, 22:32

Let me say that the '87 Caprice is the best car in history.

11th Jul 2001, 16:30

It is the best car I ever owned! Runs smoother than many Cadillacs of today. Not strong, but for a V-8 307, still reasonable on gas mileage. My mom gave it to me when my father died in '97.

Always starts in very cold weather from where I live and has more than 190,000 miles on it, and in summers it pulls my 2 sea-doo wherever I want.