1997 Chrysler Cirrus LXi V6


Powerful elegance


When I first bought the car, it had a leaking transmission gasket, and the oil lines were bad.

I had the transmission oil pan gasket replaced and the lines fixed.

The previous owner had obviously neglected to maintain the car properly, so the front ball joints were acting up as well. I had them lubricated, and the problems were solved.

The ABS light was on when I bought the car, but that was easy to fix. I just had the rear speed sensor replaced.

Other than that, I've had minor issues with the tachometer going on and off at times. Electro-gremlins are bound to infest a car this old.

General Comments:

All in all, I´m very satisfied with my Chrysler. Which, by the way, is called Stratus in Sweden.

I've never taken the rumors, of the Stratus/Cirrus being a poor car, seriously. When it comes down to used cars, the problem is, more often than not, the previous owner (s).

All cars have their issues. Just because a couple of owners have had trouble with theirs, doesn't mean the whole model is crappy.

The same goes for my previous car, a Volvo 480 ES. It has a really bad rep as well, but it was as reliable as any car I've ever had. My father owns it now, and it still runs good.

Take good care of your cars, and they will most likely hold up just fine.

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Review Date: 16th January, 2011