1995 Chrysler Neon LE 2.0 DOHC


An ABS sensor broke at 95000km and another at 150000 km.

AC condenser sprung leak at 100000 km. The condenser broke once again a year later, fixed on warranty though.

AC pipe broke because of rust at 150000km.

Brake-lines sprung leak at 187000km because of rust.

Engine leaked oil when I bought the car, since it never got worse I never had it fixed.

There were some rust on the doors and in the engine compartment. Paint was also peeling of from the roof.

General Comments:

Even though there was quite a lot of problems with the car I still found it very reliable. It always started in the morning and never left me standing by the side of the road.

It was reasonably quick and the handling was excellent.

The comfort was very good considering the size of the car. No problem using it for long road trips. However, the cabin was very noisy due to a smashed window. The garage claimed it was impossible to get a tight fit on the replacement window.

Overall it was a very pleasant car. Considering it was quite cheap to buy the overall cost of owning could have been worse. If Chrysler just focused on rust prevention they would probably make quite trouble free cars.

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Review Date: 29th August, 2003

28th Jul 2009, 17:35

I have a 95 neon and am having problems with it vapor locking. Can any one tell me what the problem could be? It seems to be getting hot but not over heating?

I would appreciate any suggestions on the problem. Please email suggestions to stazyzz@yahoo.com

Thank you, Stacy.