1988 Ford Fiesta 1.4


Expensive experience for me at least


A rear wheel bearing seized when driving without warning.

Very heavy on fuel, and 2 different mechanics had no answer as to why (no leaky fuel lines, leaky fuel tank, dodgy brakes and exhaust was good: lambda 1.01 at idle and 1.05 at 3000 RPM, and the rest like any other car).

General Comments:

The thirstiest car I have ever owned, it took between 1,1 litres/10km to 1,4 litres/10km.

This car only had 2 previous owners (if I remember correctly) and was in absolute showroom condition and very low mileage.

Great side mirrors with a good view.

Pretty comfortable seats.

74 HP, so pretty nice acceleration, since it is a light car.

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Review Date: 1st November, 2012

2nd Nov 2012, 13:04

1988 Fiestas don't have lambda sensors...