1995 Ford Scorpio Cosworth Ultima 2.9i 24v


Lots of power and luxury for a paltry sum


The bumpers are, just like on most modern cars, fragile. The front bumper cracked last winter (25 degrees below).

The auto box started to shift roughly and the fuel consumption started to increase. It turned out to be the Mass-Air-Flow sensor, located by the air filter box, that needed cleaning.

A quick squirt of carburetor cleaner in the MAF sensor housing solved that one.

The web site www.fordscorpio.co.uk is really helpful to anyone who owns a Scorpio!

General Comments:

It shouldn't really be necessary to write anything about the performance of this car, but one word: Cosworth.

This is truly the perfect combination of raw extreme power under the bonnet, and luxury and comfort in the cabin.

If you can't afford a powerful Mercedes E-class, then start looking for a Scorpio Cosworth.

I simply can't think a one bad word to say about this fine car!

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Review Date: 19th September, 2002