1987 Ford Sierra CL 2-door 2.0 EFI+Catalytic


Find a good one and you get very good value for your money!


The bumpers were damaged when I bought it. Even if you can't blame this on the car, it was quite hard to find a Sierra with good bumpers on any junkyard, so probably they are weak.

The door handles was also broken, and I'm not surprised, because they are made of weak plastic.

The glove compartment door have fallen off.

Due too bad lubrication, the camshaft is worn. You have to clean the tube sometimes, and change oil often in these engines. The previous owners didn't.

Worn balljoint, had to replace it to pass annual safety inspection. You have to replace the whole control arm on these cars, can't change just the balljoint.

There is an oil leak from the rear crankshaft seal.

Rust does exist, but not much for a 18 year old car.

The alternator bolts cracked, I blame it on the salt they put on roads here in the wintertime rather than on Ford.

The doors can't be locked from the outside. I've got an immobilizer and live in a very calm area so I'm not worried though.

General Comments:

Well, it is not built like a Mercedes, and were never intended to be...

There is a lot of plastic and cheap solutions. But most things will work, and it is a very easy car to do DIY work on, as opposed too many of its FWD competitors.

It handles good and the comfort is OK, thanks to the individual rear suspension. However, it is very sensitive on the tires. It's especially important to have good winter tires, because when it starts to skid, it can be a tricky car to "get back"...

It is fun to drive, feels very quick. The seats are good, there is pretty much equipment for its time, you can drive very long trips without getting tired. Not bad for quite a small car.

The trunk can get huge when you fold down the rear seat, though it is not as easy to use as the compartment in a station wagon.

The design is often called the grandfather of the modern car. While this is true, it still has its own profile. You find your Sierra easy in the parking lot among the "modern" cars, especially the two door (which I have) has its own profile, not beautiful maybe, but it certainly has something. I like it.

It runs cheap. I get 0,79 litres per 10 km on long trips. That's OK.

Sierras are often very cheap. Find a good one and you get much value for your money!

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Review Date: 3rd May, 2006

1988 Ford Sierra XRi 4X4 2.9 V6


It's a lot of car for less than £1000


Clutch wire broken

Exhaust replaced

Front outer rubber grommet replaced.

General Comments:

Its absolutely the best winter car I have ever owned. Goes anywhere, heated windshield, heated mirrors. And driving it on the ice track on a lake is just about as fun as it gets. It has good performance and handles very well. I bought a second one that will be restored. Would like to have a bit more power, my Volvo had a Chevy 350 V8.

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Review Date: 29th December, 2004

1988 Ford Sierra CL 2.0 Injection


Great first car


Broken Radiator, leak.

Broken Camshaft, well used, first time changed.

General Comments:

This car is a great first car, got the feeling of going fast.

The car got good performance at a lo cost.

Cheap spare parts.

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Review Date: 31st March, 2004

1988 Ford Sierra GLX 2.0i


A fine car for youngsters


Several problems with brakes (rear).

Rusty at some places (doors).

General Comments:

Good car.

Not so expensive to buy.

If you take care of the car it's not so costly to own.

Spare parts easy to find.

The model can be found at low prices these days even though it has some fine equipment (ABS-brakes).

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Review Date: 20th June, 2000