1998 Jaguar XJR V8 supercharged


A mad wolf in sweet disguise!


One small hose between the radiator and engine.

General Comments:

It's a super car! After I bought the XJR, no other cars are interesting.

Super quick, yet very quiet. The engine seems never be working hard, it just whispers and throws this big car forward!

Classic lovely design, both in and outside, comfortable seats, cosy wooden interior. Hear compliments every day regarding its design.

Corners like a sports car, but also a good cruiser.

Fair fuel consumption compared to performance, low insurance rate, and nice price on service parts.

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Review Date: 7th September, 2011

17th Apr 2014, 07:48

I have a beautiful 98 XJR in Carnival red and absolutely LOVE the car. Had it since new. Sporty, fast, and what a looker with 20" limited rims. It hasn't seen winter in 4 years and she is pampered.

Great car for long distance, always comfortable. It can be fast, sporty and a floating luxury at the same time, and really turns heads. If there was a 2 door manual I would have one for sure. Handled very well with snow tires, the J shifter was good in snow and is fun to use overall.

No major problems, except an extended warranty came in handy for a planetary gear. Regular wear and tear parts lasted years longer than some other domestics and imports. Can't wait to roll her out for spring next week.