2002 Lexus IS 200 SportCross 2.0 straight six


Great buy, look for a used, total quality



Not even a light bulb.

Fantastic reliability.

Total quality.

General Comments:

This is how a car should be. Just fill it up and drive. No problems. The handling is great, very safe in snow and ice. The brakes are strong, but smooth, no vibrations. The gear box is click-click-click. Very efficient AC, but also good heating in winter. Great sound system. Good looks, my SportCross is a bit like Jensen Interceptor. Also, the SportCross is much more practical then the sedan. Comfy seats.

The nags? Well, the car handles so well that another say 50 horsepower would be fine. Quite thirsty. The paint job is too thin and scratches easily. Weak and yellowish headlights. The controls and buttons are too small for my clumsy hands. But really, I had to think hard to come up with any nags at all.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 13th November, 2004

17th Nov 2004, 09:29

I think you meant "snags" rather than "nags"

5th Jan 2005, 00:51

Great car the Sportcross. So luxurey, So smooth, So versatile. If I had the money I would buy one today.