1985 Mercedes-Benz W123 200 2.0 petrol


You will get a lot of car for a small amount of cash!


The vacuum central locking is living its own life. But it works most of the time if used within one minute from turning of the car.

The drivers seat is very swampy, but that is the usual condition for an old Mercedes!

General Comments:

The quality of these cars is just amazing. Everything single part is solid as a rock.

The comfort is unmatched if consider the model was released in 1976, and it still beats many newer cars such as Toyota Camry and Ford Mondeo.

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Review Date: 12th December, 2002

1st May 2006, 02:24

Yes, apart from the saggy seats and the touchy vacuum system, they are a pleasure to own and drive and my 1981 200 still turns heads!

13th Oct 2006, 07:49

Classic cars are my weakness, and there have been many from MBG's to a Chevey Camaroes! I have just got hold of a 1985 200 auto in silver. One owner, with just 80K on the clock. I love it, I had a 230 about 10 years ago and regretted parting with it. I am now cured again!! She had been locked away for two years, (just 235 miles) during that time. Only have one concern, was £350 too much to pay? I don't think so. MOT on the 28th, back on the road soon after. All that was needed was a new set of boots and good clean!

Chris Piercy.

23rd Aug 2010, 08:03

I don't own one yet - but will shortly.

Here in South Africa, it is a very affordable car for the price. The one I'm getting will have 300K on the clock and the interior and body are in mint condition. The car was regularly serviced at Mercedes. The current owner did say that they took the car to upholsters who put some new foam in the seats - I could see why, because they sit like new.

I spoke to a German car parts owner who made the comment "The w123 was possibly the best car Mercedes ever manufactured".

I spoke to another owner who commented: "The w123 is definitely over-engineered".

This is probably why I sold my R100000.00 Toyota for a R20000.00 classic Merc.

I love Toyota, but, oh boy, nothing feels better than getting into this timeless machine.

1985 Mercedes-Benz W123 230 E 2.3 fuel injected


Timeless modern classic!


Mercedes is quality!

A window crank broke, had to replace it.

There is a vacuum leak that means that the power door locks doesn't operate like it should. This problem is on ALL old MB cars with power locks, and it is almost impossible to find the leaks.

Hit a deer last year in 130 km/h, so I had to replace some sheet-metal, one headlamp and straighten the body. Thanks MB for building tanks like this! I think that a modern Japanese or Korean subcompact had been just a pile of crap after that impact...

The exhaust system leaks.

The 123-series is prone to rust. Lucky for me, my car is 100% free from that!

General Comments:

It is extremely quiet and comfortable, except for the seats that is one of the weak points in older MB:s.

I like the design very much! It is timeless, you almost can't believe that it soon is a 30 year old car! At least this model, silver painted with the newer headlamps. The 70's cars looks a little bit dated today in their weird colors (brown, green, orange...) and round headlamps.

The trunk is almost big enough to swallow a dinosaur...

It is extremely safe, a solid bodywork and heavy weight combined with seatbelt pretensioners and airbag (how many cars had that in 1985?), this 30 year old design still outclasses many new cars!

It was also in very mint condition when I bought it! 2 owners, the last since 1988, and 80 000 km on the meter. Nice!

If they weren't so prone to rust and didn't consume so much fuel, I think that MB still could have sold them today! But probably it is too expensive to build these quality cars today!

The W123 combines classic styling with modern technology. The best of the 60:s with the best of the 80:s. A TIMELESS car!

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Review Date: 11th November, 2002

15th Feb 2010, 08:33

I have a 1982 230E manual, and I would agree with the above comments. But I find the gas consumption very reasonable, even for today standards. Regarding the vacuum central locking system, finding leaks is not that difficult. You can find all vacuum lines under the front passenger carpet. Just need a hand vacuum pump and the vacuum diagram (buy Haynes repair manual) to find where the leak is located (door, trunk, etc.)