1977 Opel Kadett 190


Reliable and tough as nails!


Nothing wrong with it except typical Swedish winter-rust. Had to be constantly sanding the lower rocker panels so that it wouldn't rust completely through.

General Comments:

The car was really great. It was the first car me and my parents had, and I remember many trips on that car.

It started even in the worst weather conditions, freezing, below zero, rain, heat, come what may.

No frills and no excitement, just a good, reliable, light family vehicle.

Never had to spend a dime on it, and it always felt firm and steady on the controls. Didn't spend too much fuel, or leak any oil, or any of those problems.

Just a good old worker's car. Reliable and tough as nails!

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Review Date: 23rd October, 2010

1987 Opel Kadett Club 1,6i


Kadett- fun to drive and cheap to buy


I've only had two small problems. Together they cost me 190 pounds.

You have to keep in mind that before I bought the car, it had only been driven approximately 200 km in the latest year. With that in mind it's not strange that two problems occurred when I started to use the car more every month than the previous owner did in one year!

General Comments:

The car of my dreams!

I love the design, both inside and outside.

The size of Kadett is perfect and at the same time it's spacious inside.

It's very fun to drive, I thank the gearbox and the steering for that. Especially the 5- speed gearbox- it's a pleasure to use!

Kadett are also cheap to buy and to drive. My fuel- costs are limited. One more good thing is that it always starts. Even in the winter when it's quite cold.

The only bad thing with Kadett is the rust, and the sensitivity towards rust. My car is now free from rust and I'm very happy for that.

I'm very pleased with my Kadett, so pleased that I'm going to buy one more! I will use my "new" one in the winter and the one I'm writing about here, I will use in the summer.

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Review Date: 3rd June, 2003

6th Jan 2009, 07:07

Definitely the best student car.

1987 Opel Kadett GL 1.8S


The best, but the rustiest


Nothing at all.

General Comments:

This was my third Kadett in a row. Previously I've had a GT 1.8S -87 and after that a 1.6i Caravan -88. I have been extremely satisfied with all three. Only at one occasion one of them has broken down. It was due to a broken fuel pump. Below I list my positive and negatives regarding the current Kadett:


Extremely cheap to buy (I paid 300 sek (roughly 30 pounds) ). Even though this price was low even for a kadett they are in general very cheap to buy.

Low fuel costs (Approx 6 litres/100 km).

Easy to work on yourself.

Cheap, and easy to come by, spare parts.

Good sized trunk.

Handles very well, even at high speed (well, high for a kadett).

Extremely reliable. Starts regardless of temperature.

Comfortable and fun to drive.

Good heating in the winter.


RUST! If Opel had spent a few extra D-mark on rust protection the Kadett would have been one of the best cars ever made (My humble opinion of course)

"Squeaking". Sometimes when going over a bump it sounds like the whole car is coming apart.

Freezing locks in the winter, a problem not exclusive for Opel, but still very annoying.

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Review Date: 15th November, 2002

12th Jan 2003, 16:21

I own an Astra 1.3 gl I also think its one of the best cars made in the 1980's and maybe even the 90's I want to buy a GTE/GSI.

23rd May 2005, 13:57

I drive a 1982 Kadett 1.6 GLS (from the D-range of Kadetts). The car is a hand-me-down from my mother, but the thing still motors quite well! (Well, for a non-fuel-injected car that is) I have to agree on the rust-problem though, the bodywork will be gone long before the tough little engine finally decides to retire!

1987 Opel Kadett Club 1.6i


Fun, reliable and cheap car


The brakes got locked, so I had to change them. that's all.

It rust here and there.

General Comments:

It does always start it doesn't matter if it's winter and cold.

It runs very cheap 6l/100km.

It isn't the fastest car i got, but it's OK anyway, because it's fun to drive.

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Review Date: 22nd October, 2002

1975 Opel Kadett 1200S Caravan 1.2


This was a bargain!


No big problems...

The front fenders are made of rust (typical Opel problem), and fixed with plastic padding. But if you can weld...

The rear left safety belt needs replacement (it is a wagon, and I can't fold down the rear seat, because the belt is stuck).

The rear shock absorbers are worn.

General Comments:

This was a good car for what I paid... (In USD, about $40). It runs good. The engine doesn't sound like an Opel...

It is sad that Kadett got front wheel drive in 1980, because the older models are a joy to drive!

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Review Date: 18th October, 2001