1985 Opel Manta GSi 2.0


A very good, but rust prone car


It needed new exhaust when I bought it.

Low oil pressure warning light did not work, but was a cheap fix.

After 2 years ownership, rust started showing at the yearly vehicle inspection, but I fixed it.

After 3 years ownership, the ignition coil went bad and was replaced, together with new springs and shock absorbers.

Last year of ownership, the whole "floor" behind rear axle was totally rusted out, and the bushings in the rear axle were getting pretty worn, so the handling was getting bad.

General Comments:

This was my first car.

Wonderful, and much fun in the winter with rear wheel drive and its LSD.

Never got stuck, even if the snow was deep (20cm).

Pretty good acceleration, but not much happening below 3000 RPM.

Stock Recaro seats were good, and the gearbox was firm.

When driven hard with much fun in the winter, it took around 0,95 litres/10km.

When driven normally, around 0,85 litres/10km.

The sunroof was wonderful during the summer.

Big boot and room for much luggage, but tight for more than 2 grown people inside the cabin (what would you expect, it is a sports car).

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 1st November, 2012