1995 Opel Tigra 1.4 Ecotec


Economical sports coupe, not too fragile


Exhaust system is vulnerable if you make the car lower, or drive around in the snowy winter.

Plastic handle to pull over the seats (for passengers to enter backseat) are easily broken.

Button for the ventilation system can fall off if you pull it with to much strength.

A rubber hose for the cooling system was leaking, imported new one from Opel in Germany for 20euro and refitted it myself under the air filter.

Windscreen wiper engine stopped in middle of sight with the slowest speed on. I could still take it down out of sight by switching to higher power. I refitted with another used one from another crashed tigra on the Car-crunch place and refitted it myself. It's relatively easy to find this engine because you can reach it from the engine room and you don't have to take too many screws off to reach it. And at the same time I recommend changing the cabin filter as its in the same area.

Most serious problem is the engine will just turn off sometimes when you drive 50kmh and changing gears, don't know why I think it has something to do with the gearbox. It doesn't turn off when you just drive at a motorway it only happens when you slow down and change gears for a crossroad ahead.

If you are the shifter-type you will find that the gearbox will make horrible sounds when shifting at around 5000-6000rpm.

Very small backseat, my passengers always complain about hitting their heads in the back window.

Headlights have blewn several times, but they are easy to replace on the left side, but on the right side you must first remove the air filter to get enough space. Dim lights, the strong lights and the headlights share the same type of lamp which is good. The parking light has another lamp.

General Comments:

The car has exceptional handling.

I have installed extra sport suspension and lower springs and 17 alloy wheels (fits exactly into the hole) and its not comfortable at all, but all the tourists on the streets in town will take photos of you instead of ancient churches :)

I have extra low springs and found that the exhaust system is a bit vulnerable and will fall off if you hit something. Its easy to pull back, but it might leak some gases that the motor inspectors will complain about. I contacted my father and he welded the leak and it was compact again.

I love the gas economy of this car, I smile every time I go to gas station. U can drive real carelessly at high torques for long times and still the engine doesn't use more than 0,9 liters per 10 kilometer.

The cabin has OK style and nothing in the panel is making sounds after 20 000 kilometer of driving.

However plastic buttons and "shields" to cover ugly mechanics everywhere in the car feels cheap and fall off easily.

Comfortability marks are very low because I have my sport suspension, springs and 17 alloy rims. Says "Bam" every-time I drive over a little stone. But if you use the car for "driving" you will want that instead of comfortability. Can turn fast at kinda high speeds with good control. With winter tires the comfortability is a bit better, but less handling.

Changing the original springs and suspension is recommendable for making the handling even better, which is this cars best asset.

The 1,4 engine must struggle to keep up the speed at around 130kmh, but on longer straight motorways and pedal to the bottom you can reach 180kmh. However it is dramatic at those speeds, and even more without sport springs, sport tires and hard suspension :)

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Review Date: 8th May, 2006