1967 Renault 16 TL 1.5


Starter motor, rust in front wings, rear brakes.

General Comments:

A very comfortable car that was awarded European car of the year in 1965.

This was the first hatchback car ever made, and it has been the model for almost all modern cars.

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Review Date: 7th March, 1999

28th Jul 2003, 16:37

The Renault 16 was NOT the first hatchback - The Renault 4 was, which predated the 16 by four years.

12th Jan 2006, 07:57

Hmm. Renault 4 looks more like a wagon than a hatchback. Am I being pedantic?

8th Feb 2006, 15:12

I agree with the above comment, I don't think the Renault 4 although is a good car in its own right, is a hatchback, its more like a van, The clue is in the word "hatch" something of which the Renault 4 is not. A hatchback car has a landing panel above the floor of the car, the 16 has, the 4 has not.

6th May 2006, 03:31

The Renault 16 (I owned one) was the first five-door hatchback (known as a sedan-wagon) with an unequal right/left wheelbase (forgot that one didn't you?). It was the model for ALL modern four-door hatchbacks. The Renault 4 had a wagon rear, without a fold-down interior (or fold-up in the R-16's case.

1st Jul 2006, 14:50

...and the Renault 16 design was allegedly nicked from Citroen!

1st Jul 2006, 14:57

13th Jul 2006, 15:34

The 16 was definitely the first hatchback - the 4 was called a fourgonette - wagonette - or wagon. The unequal wheelbase caused me a problem in Norway when the idiots at the vehicle inspection thought the car was twisted and took my plates so I couldn't drive it. Stole what from Citroen??? the 2CV could have been a hatch if they closed the top of the sardine can and hinged higher - but they didn't think of that.

22nd Jul 2006, 14:21

Citoen did produce a hatchback like design well before the 16...the Citroen Traction Avant Commerciale.. launched in the 1930's. Plus the above comment was regarding Renault possibly taking the project F design from Citroen and copying it.. Renault 16!! Check out the supplied link. If you look at aspects of the Renault 16 design they are slightly Citoenesque... such as the lack of rear arches. Look at the outline of project F and compare it to the Renault.