1999 Renault Laguna Euroline 1.8 16v


High quality, comfortable and smooth


Nothing has gone wrong.

General Comments:

Interior design is light, spacious and both the front seats (both has adjustable lumbar support) and the back seat are very comfortable. It's easy to reach the controls and everything works well. Trip computer is easy to understand and gives good information.

The automatic climate control has so far worked very well, even when it has been freezing cold outside. The anti-mist defroster function works well. The controls for heated seats are positioned at the side of the seats and it's hard to reach when sitting and it's impossible to see them, thank God there's an indicator in the instrument cluster which tells the on or off status.

It's a smooth and comfortable drive and it gives good economy, under 7,0 l per 100 km on motorway, fully loaded with passengers and heavy trunks in the boot. Quite impressive for a car of this size. 120 hp/DIN doesn't make it a sports car, but it has enough power for safe overtaking. I've never felt it being underpowered. Engine sound is low. Overall the car is very quiet.

The factory fitted Philips CD stereo works, but the sound is a bit thin - especially in the bass. I'm thinking of replacing both the speakers and the electronics with better stuff in the future.

I'm very impressed with the car, it's enjoyable and relaxing to drive, has a spacious boot and roomy cabin. I have a "fully loaded" Euroline version, only thing missing is a cruise control. Everything works well and I'm very happy with my Laguna.

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Review Date: 18th March, 2005