2007 Renault Master LH3 2.5 dCi 150 turbo diesel


Love and hate it


Gearbox broke at turn of warranty. A new one cost nearly £4000, and took 2 months to arrive.

This one went kaput after 6 weeks, replaced on warranty this time.

Particle filter replaced.

Engine and economy are very good.

Fed up with Christmas lights on the dashboard.

General Comments:

Quick and reliable engine.


But has cost me too much money.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 19th September, 2011

28th Feb 2015, 03:12

Renault Master 150 LM 2007.


Great economy, goes like the wind, low floor = easy loading. The seats look rubbish, but I can do a 12 or 14 hour day sat there with zero aches, pains, total comfort.

The ride is smooth and good, the engine is quiet and smooth, and it's GREAT to drive.

Reliability is almost excellent, other than a diaphragm in the clutch leaked, which meant a new clutch twice in 4.5 years.

No, I would NOT buy another. MINE IS ACE! One sad day I may need another. I hope that day is far away.

Just cleared a genuine 240,000 miles, flies thru MoTs, no work, no advisories!

As smooth as my Beemer all the way to a ton, + 10 where wind speeds vary on each side, requiring full concentration to maintain a steady road curve at high speed.

This is a large commercial vehicle remember. What an amazing thing to own and drive hour after hour. The engine just pulls and pulls, up hill, empty or full load, just the same almost. This Beemer man loves my big van! (never was a Renault fan until I bought this van) I thought long and hard before I bought it, but I'm VERY GLAD I DID!

Buy a good one, and check its service history with a Renault Trucks main dealer before you buy.