1983 SAAB 900 GL 2.0


Saab 900 1983-1988 is the best car ever made, and the most service friendly I know


I replaced the transmission as almost all 900s have a failure in the gears on their 5 gear models after about 200000 kilometers.

In my case the second would not engage and the fifth jumped out of gear.

At the same time I changed the clutch and all parts in the front, including brakes, sealing, links drive shafts, and had the steering adjusted.

In Sweden this runs up to a total of around $1000, and as I helped the mechanics do it, his payment was $200.

It took some 5 hours to do it, and that is why I love 900 Saab. In an hour you have a running car stripped from engine, and have all parts on the floor, and it is so easy that I did it myself when I was 25 in my fathers backyard, using only a homemade wooden construction to attach the lifting device.

To put it back after service is easier if you have a hydraulic lifting device, or a chain type, since you have to level the engine to make it fit.

But having said that, anyone can change an engine with transmission in a day or so all by himself!!!

That saves money.

In Sweden there are a lot of used parts at low prices, and the Saab 900 is as standard as it gets.

General Comments:

This is a safe and comfortable car, and if not for the strange back, which makes its loading capacity lower, it is the best car I ever had.

The engine is never a problem, but the transmission is always. You can count on having it replaced every 200000 kilometers. A rebuilt on costs $2000. Comparing prices, even in Sweden, parts are about 2 times that of a Chevrolet.

Saab has never made a better car than the 900, even if 9000 were better as new, no one wants it as used with a high mileage on.

For the luxury 9000 (1990-1994) you pay around $300-400.

For a Saab 900 1983-1988 you can easy pay double that, as it's so much better and more reliable.

I even said no to an offer to get one Saab 9000 for free, the other day. This is strange as exactly that make and model as new was my absolute dream car.

Saab 9000 as used is an expensive adventure.

Saab 900 1883-1988 is the safest car I know to buy, to use, to pay and to repair.

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Review Date: 9th July, 2008

1984 SAAB 900 EMS 2.0


Trouble-maker you'll love


The engine had a lack of power fault that no mechanic ever could figure out. A few interior lights went over the course of my ownership, the water pump broke and the usual things you have to expect when buying an old car like this. And of course, being a SAAB 900 the brakes were a constant problem.

General Comments:

This should have been a powerful car, but since it had engine trouble it never was. I once tested the acceleration against an Audi 80 CC. He was in third gear, I was in first. Starting from 0, he still beat me!

However, the design of the 900 is one of the best I have ever experienced. This was the hatchback model, which made it easy to transport large bulky things like a big screen TV set, without having to go and rent a truck. The interior design was extremely well made, handling was great, the ride was smooth and comfortable and even though the car was in the shop frequently I still miss my old SAAB.

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Review Date: 23rd January, 2002

1997 SAAB 900 2.0i


Nothing at all!

General Comments:

A great reliable car. Thinking of buying a 1998 9-5 SE (nicer looks).

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Review Date: 31st January, 1999

4th Aug 2012, 13:12

Stick with your 900. The 9-5 is pretty much a Saturn with a facelift.