2002 Volkswagen GTI V5 Exclusive 2.3 V5


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Windscreen wiper engine replaced, front and rear.

The instrument panel glass make noises. The car has been for service 4 times, but its not yet fixed.

Noise from the backseats. Haven't been fixed.

The front lamdasond broke down. Fixed.

General Comments:

The handling is OK due to the 225/45 17 tires and lowered suspension.

Quality great when it comes to material, but reliability of the mechanical parts its pretty normal I think.

Engine sounds lovely.

I could have been very pleased with the car if the service was OK, but the service sucks! The minor problems I have would have stayed minor if they were fixed the first time. But the fourth time you get real frustrated. I mean this is not the most cheap car you can buy today.

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Review Date: 21st January, 2003

22nd Jan 2003, 06:22

I want to comment my self. It should of course be 18000 kilometers and not 1800.