1966 Volvo 121 Amazon 1.8 liter (B 18) single carb


Very rusty, but quite trusty


It is quite rusty. I replaced the hood, but need to replace the grille, doors and bumpers too.

New carburetor, brake pads, fuel pump.

If you trust the speedometer this car goes 180 km/h! (Yes, you're right, the speedometer isn't in good condition!)

General Comments:

Volvo 121/122/220 series is one of the most reliable cars ever built. You can't wear out the B 18 engine (though earlier cars are equipped with the B16, which is not as good).

But like most of the cars from this era, they rust too much.

It doesn't have much comfort. Though it had more than most cars of the time, but it is soon a 50 year old construction.

It has very good performance for its age. And I love the design which is a mix of Chevrolet 1953, Chevrolet 1955, Chrysler 1955 and if I remember right, the steering wheel looks the same in Ford 1950.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 23rd April, 2003