1968 Volvo 122 2door B18 A


A classic that can be used as a daily-driver


The hydraulically activated clutch seems to leak now and then.

The charge-relay works when it wants to, which draws the battery flat, and it has to be charged once a week.

The front brakes were faulty when I bought it, but I neglected it. The system was completely changed and overhauled from the pedal and forth at a Volvo-dealer.

The rust. Especially on the floor and lower sides of the body. Rear wheel arches, both inner and outer was severely rusty and was changed in the spring of 2003.

General Comments:

Sturdy and reliable.

Easy and simple mechanics to work with.

Easy to get new and used parts for, considering the age of it.

Not the comfort and performance of a modern car.

Draws attention everywhere!

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Review Date: 4th April, 2004

14th Apr 2005, 00:19

A '66 122S was my first car, with over 200k miles. It performed well, was reliable --- and I wish I still owned it.

29th Dec 2005, 18:38

The volvo 122 series was one of the best cars ever made... they are very dependable... I purchased one in 1977, it was a ten year old car at the time, that looked and rode like brand new... I sold it due to a wreck... 20 years later I purchased another 2 door 122s to restore... it had taken almost 8 years to restore... before I finished it though I purchased one that had already been restored... I now own a 1966 4 door 122, and 2 1968 2 door 122's that are restored... if you want a dependable and practical car that you can repair yourself, without all the computerized junk to make it run... well this is the car for you... if you keep proper maintenance both in mechanics and cosmetics, then you will turn heads when driving... there is nothing better to roll in...

26th Jun 2006, 22:23

Great "touring" vehicle, I owned a '64 in the 70's and a '68 in the 80's. The ill-designed "snow catcher" fenders just rusted out too much.

For leaky hydraulics - your Volvo dealer sells slightly oversized rubber gaskets for slave cylinder, master cyl, etc. specifically for the wear down (and very inexpensive item). That typically is all you need.