1992 Volvo 440 GL


I ride like a king


A little trouble when shifting to first gear.

The cooling fan does not work.

A little rusty.

General Comments:

Bought it (very cheap) from a friend to use for a ethanol conversion experiment. He was going to take it to the scrapyard, since he had bought a new car. I soon found out however, that not only was it a pretty good car, I "fell in love" right away. I'm going to get the little defects fixed and then use it over the winter at least. I've never liked the larger volvo┬┤s, but this one is just right for me. Comfortable and inexpensive to drive.

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Review Date: 2nd December, 2005

1990 Volvo 440 GL


Good Reliable, but bit rusty


The kilometer meter stopped working almost immediately after I got the car. This normally could be a good thing, but I want to sell it now and wasn't able to fix the problem. I think this will bring down the value quite a bit or a very trusting buyer. I am guessing how many kilometers I have driven the car in 1 1/2 years.

I live in the middle of Sweden and it is damn cold here. About 3 months after I bought the car and during the 1st really cold days, the handbrake froze up and broke. It costed about 130 US to fix and the guy did a crappy job, so now I don't use the handbrake in the cold witer period.

When I went to pass the yearly car test a year after I got the car, I had to replace both headlights (the whole light, not the bulb). I bought 2 used ones and did it myself. Cost about $130 US again. I also need to replace the back suspension. about $150 b/c I found a friend who could do it real cheap.

Now the car is starting to rust pretty bad in the driver door and in a couple wheel bases, but it isn't so visible yet, so I want to sell it while it still looks good.

General Comments:

This car handles fine.

It has very comfortable seats and the inside feels only a few years old.

It gets good highway mileage, but I am not impressed in the city for a car of this size.

It doesn't leak anything.

It rides like a very solid car.

If you live somewhere where rust on cars aren't a big problem, then this car is probably great, otherwise, make sure to check everywhere for rust before you buy it.

I like the reliability. It starts everytime right away and I have never had a moter problem.

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Review Date: 26th May, 2005