1992 Volvo 460 GL 2.0


Reliable roadrunner


Gear box (5 speed) collapsed in beginning of June 2008. It is costly to buy from a junk dealer and it's much work to replace it.

Volvo has a good reputation when it comes to quality, and I think my Volvo 460 is well built car in general... but I have driven some Volvos with bad or sluggish gearbox, so maybe it´s one of the few bad components in Volvo. So I suggest to other Volvo buyers to test if the gearbox is shifting smoothly... if not, you should look for another car.

General Comments:

In overall I rate Volvo 460:

Good front seat comfort

Very warm in winter

Good noise isolation at high speed

Reliable in driving, but not exciting

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? No

Review Date: 29th June, 2008