1998 Volvo V70 GLT 2.3


I love the V70, but hate the maintenance costs


Nothing has gone wrong.

I did the normal services according to the manual, and then all service parts were replaced.

In this time, the only thing out of the normal was one new battery.

I consider the V70 a reliable car if the services are done by a professional, if not then anything can go wrong.

In Sweden this model was used by the police and took a lot of beating in our strange weathers from freezing to high summer temperatures. Roads are very good everywhere, inviting them to use it for high speed chases everywhere with no problems.

A strange thing is that many V70 has a flooding problem if you drive to short distance say to just move it from the street to the garage. Having the engine run such a short time builds fuel in the engine and then it won't start.

My advice is to push the accelerator just before you stop the engine in these cases.

General Comments:

V70 is a fancy car, reliable and very safe. I have had all kinds of cars since early 70's and this one is my true love.

Comparing to the basic 745 it is a car for the family that looks for comfort as well as loading capacity.

For loading and total costs I would prefer a basic car (745/945) if not for the reardrive in those. (V70 is front wheel driven).

The V70 has high maintenance costs, and is not at all a do it your self car. Parts are priced about 3 to 4 times higher than 945 in those functions you need on a regular service after long mileage.

If you look for low costs, then chose a 945 or a 745, both newer than 1988, since this is the year they got galvanic coating.

If you can afford the costs, a V70 is the car both for the family with dogs and the youngster that likes speed, but don't want to die in a car crash that Volvo would save you from.

Volvo V70 are ranked the highest scores (40% better than average car) in safety tests.

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Review Date: 9th July, 2008