2006 Alfa Romeo 147 Ti JTD


Great little hatch with matching looks, and performance that is affordable to run


HID headlights flicker. Strange, but you can see the headlights flicker on occasion from one brightness to another. The headlight failure warning turned on, need to get it checked. Wondering if this happened to any one else who got the 147 fitted with HID's?

General Comments:

I wanted a car that had some kick in it, but upon my arrival to Europe was shocked at the petrol prices. Never would have imagined getting a diesel, having had a turbo inline 6 before, but after test driving one I was pleased with the way they give a nice shove. You don’t need to rev to the high heavens to get power. Think of it as a mini V8 without that nice V8 growl. Diesel also meant going hard without any of that guilt that slowly creeps in when driving thirsty engines.

Looked at a VW Golf, BMW 120d, Civic, and Astra. Found the Golf and BMW to be way too expensive once you add a few minor options. The Civic diesel was not the punchiest, and the Astra seemed to lack that European classy look (same engine as Alfa).

The dealer also offered to Tune the engine to around 190bhp with warranty cover after the first service at 20k. Must say the increase from 150 to 190 is very very nice. 0-100 from 8.2 to 7 flat. On the highway you can go up to 180 in 5th, with plenty left for 6th. The turbo sounds great when spooling.

The interior has two sides. Design and quality of material used is fantastic. This is the only hatch I sat in that left an immediate impression of wow, due to the combination of design, layout and material. The downside is the size. It is narrow; wish the car was 2-3cm wider to avoid looking like I’m trying to feel my passengers' leg when going in reverse. The back seat space is decent enough as is the roof height. If you get the 3 door, the front doors are huge. Keep an eye on your passengers or they will be accidentally beating the neighboring car, wall, pole, etc with the door in no time.

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Review Date: 28th March, 2007

2001 Alfa Romeo 147 1.6 Twin Spark 1.6 120 hp


Flawed, but far more reliable and practical than Alfa charm used to be


The car kept on touching the ground on bumpy country roads even at slow speeds. The front suspension sub-assembly was replaced at 4,000 kilometers. Problem solved.

The aluminum heat shield over the exhaust manifold has been replaced several times. It keeps on cracking and rattling.

Another under body heat shield on the exhaust has been re-welded twice after cracking and rattling.

The silencer was rusting. Replaced at 30,000 kilometers. The replacement isn't any better.

The passenger side electric window mechanism broke at 50,000 kilometers.

The headlamp bulbs started blowing regularly at 60,000 kilometers. Solved by longer life bulbs.

The battery failed suddenly at 70,000 kilometers.

Other minor electrical problems with the instruments or the dashboard lighting from new. Normally cured by stopping the engine and restarting.

Since early in its life, the engine has had an occasional and worrying rattle for a few brief seconds when started from cold - if it has been parked on a leftwards or rearwards incline. It now occurs more frequently. I have been told repeatedly this is due to a hydraulic valve filling on start-up and is "normal".

The cam belt was replaced early at 90,000 kilometers on the dealer's recommendation.

A shudder is appearing in the clutch when pulling off in first (on a cold engine).

General Comments:

Handles wonderfully even if the quick steering can be lacking in feel.

The engine is pure Alfa, and has gained in flexibility. A very lightweight foot can make up for some of the thirst, but you lose out on the pleasure.

Remarkably comfortable over a long journey. However, the suspension hates small ridges.

More practical than its looks or relatively small boot might suggest.

The build quality is generally good although I have a slight sense of unease before a long journey now that the car is older. Most of the problems with this car could have been solved by better after sales service.

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Review Date: 21st August, 2005

21st Sep 2017, 06:50

A rattling in the valve train upon startup can be normal, if it completely goes away within a couple of seconds. Several cars I've owned had done that and ran for tens of thousands of kilometer without hiccup.