1993 Audi 100 2.6 V6


A good value large saloon


Nothing. All in all the car is still in almost new condition.

General Comments:

Nice car, especially for long distances. Further to a previous review, yes, you're right, the Audi 100 2.6 can travel all day everyday at 160kph+. I regularly drive through Germany to the port of Calais, France; most of the journey I'm traveling between 170-200kmh, with just a short stop for petrol; never a problem.

I also use the car for daily travel to work, again, never a problem.

I wouldn't say that this car is a sports car, but I would say that given the chance it gives a good account of itself. I took a two day high-speed driving course (run by Swiss Police) on the Hockenheim race track, using this car as the idea of the course was to learn to control your own car at high speed should you need to. When pushed, the handling is good to very good, especially under heavy high speed curves (I was very surprised at the lack of drift, it really held it's line).

There were only two areas where the Audi let itself down:

1. Poor acceleration (1450Kg for a 150Bhp engine is a lot of weight).

2. The stopping distance over 90Kph, it's so long (I thought it would never stop when emergency braking at 125Kph!).

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 10th May, 2001