1980 Cadillac Seville Elegante 6.2L


Like on a magic carpet...


Head gasket blew after 20'000 due to thermostat and/or water pump failure

New valve lifters

Bushings and kindred spares had to be replaced in the "gear lever" controls

Foot operated parking brake cable had to be replaced

Minor repair to the electric equipment of the driver's door

Air conditioning computer had to be replaced

Ignition computer had to be replaced as well as several electronic probes + ignition cables to plugs

Hydraulic jacks of the boot replaced

New front brake rotors + pads

Minor repairs to electrical circuitry (headlamps)

New wheel cap (1 piece)

Diode replacement on the alternator

Lock replacement of the glove box

General Comments:

Excellent previously owned car the purchase of which cost me $ 6000 back in 1997

I drove it all around Europe (Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Croatia and Switzerland) without major troubles. Never let me down on the roadside !

I kept a speed of 75 miles per hour on freeways.

I did 18 miles per gallon (average) or less

Its one of the most comfortable cars in the world.

Highly appreciated by very old passengers (and myself, the sole driver): very very quiet, very soft and smooth running as if you were on a magic carpet...

A real danger to mention: it's so comfortable that you forget you are driving a very heavy car and you may feel drowsy after a few hours driving on the highway, whatever music you may be listening to.

Highly conspicuous vehicle and not recommended if you intend to rob the next downtown bank...

Not very popular with (underpaid) French customs officers at the border who still consider it, wrongly, as a status symbol and can get fussy.

One regret: I wish I could have bought it in 1980 when it was brand new !

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Review Date: 17th May, 2002

31st Jul 2004, 19:06

I own one of these cars (one of four cars). It is now 24 yrs old and I have to replace none of these parts. Often the 'mechanic' is a cars worst enemy. As an ex mechanic, I have done most of my own repairs according to the manufactures shop manuals and can see why some item might get replaced because of misdiagnosis. One owner of one of these variable displacement engines commented that the had trouble adjusting rear disc brakes. Well, this car is different than others. You must take off nut, remove, adjustment lever, (Hexagon cut into lever fits over hex head on cam) reposition lever, and reinstall. Simple fix, if you know why you are experiencing problems. I think that this is one car that should NEVER be fooled around with by a back yard mechanic! It is unique in many ways. I have spent almost nothing on this car except gas and oil, car washings by hand and it has 77,000 miles on it. Still looks like new, drive like new, and rides better than most new cars! Just gotta know the mechanics of this vehicle!

29th Aug 2004, 15:23

In 4 months my Seville Elegante, 1980, will be 25 years old. It then qualifies as an antique in New Jersey. I have only one comment or question:

How do I get the yellow emissions flag to go back up so that I might read the proper mileage on odometer?? I have been to the Cadillac Service Dept in my town and was told that it is too old for the mechanics to know how to fix it. Detroit can't even help, they say go to a dealer and get it serviced. No help there.

The manual suggests to "pull a string" Now I ask, with everything computerized, what business does Cadillac have attaching a "string"? I need help from somebody with knowledge of this... please help me.


20th Mar 2012, 20:28

Very nice comments about a wonderful car. I just purchased my second one (first one was yellow on yellow, and this one is black on grey). The problem with this one is, I'm afraid, it has been monkeyed with by the last owner, who was a self professed mechanic. It has a slight stickiness in the transmission... you can shift it manually, but otherwise will not shift easily from 2nd to 3rd. The mechanic I took it to states that he can only replace the transmission, as he is not familiar with this type of "old car". Do you have any suggestions??

Regards, Lilah.

31st Dec 2014, 05:45

Yes: change mechanic.